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Tutorial 1 - Creating your first podcast with FeedForAll Mac

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A tutorial on how to create a podcast using FeedForAll Mac's Feed Creation Wizard.

* Use Feed Wizard to create a podcast
* Add a single item to the podcast
* Describe the 3 parts of an enclosure
* Select a local file for the enclosure
* Save the podcast to disk


Today I will walk you through creating a feed using FeedForAll Mac's "Feed Creation Wizard".

We will create a simple podcast. The "Feed Creation Wizard" walks through step-by-step prompting you for the fields that are required for the type of feed or podcast you are creating.

All feeds need a title ...

... and a description. The description is just a short summary of the contents of the feed.

The link is a URL of a website which contains information about this feed. Here we can either stop creating the feed and save it or we can continue on creating our first item. We will create an item.

The title of an item is the title.

The description is similar to the feed's description, a short summary of what the item is about.

The link is the URL of a web page with information about this item.

The enclosure. Enclosure is what makes a feed a podcast. The enclosure is a pointer to a file, usually audio; sometimes video or other types, which contains content. FeedForAll Mac has the ability to select files off of your computer to be uploaded with the feed. It will also automatically fill in the length and the type. The URL is the URL of where the file will be found on the web server.

There we are done. We created a podcast with a single item. We will click "Finish". And as always it is a good idea to save your work as you progress. Then a quick look shows our item is there with our enclosure and is already filled in with the file. In a later podcast when we upload this podcast you will see that this is a very good feature and will save a lot of time in creating and uploading your podcast.