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Tutorial 2 - Publishing your first podcast with FeedForAll Mac

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A tutorial on how to publish a podcast using FeedForAll Mac's Feed Publishing system.
* Create an FTP publishing site
* Set the feed's upload directory
* Set the enclousre's upload directory
* Upload the feed and the enclosure


Once you have created your podcast or feed you will want to make it available to others. This is done by publishing it to a server on the Internet. FeedForAll Mac allows publishing of your feed to your .Mac account, to web servers via FTP and by copying to a server on your local network.

Clicking on the Publish Feed button in the Feed tab's toolbar will bring up the Publish window. Since this the first time publishing we will have to create a publishing site. To do this click on New.

I will be publishing to a Standard FTP/FTPS account. Publishing to .Mac Account or Local Files is basically the same. All types require a Site Name, this is to make it easy for you to know what each one is. You can make it as short or as long as you want.

First we must fill in the information about our FTP server. The Server Name is the domain name of the server without any ftp://. Then your username and password. In most cases the rest of the fields can be left at their defaults.

To determine the Feed Path, using the Browse button is the easiest way to ensure it is correct. Browse will connect to the ftp server and show you a listing of the files and directories. A lot of web hosting companies put the files for your website in a subdirectory named public_html or similar.

You can change directories by double clicking on folders until you are in the directory you want. Once there click Accept.

Since we said our enclosure was in a directory name audio we can specify that right in the site configuration. Click the Disclosure button next to enclosures. Since we don’t want to use the same path as the feed we must unclick the check box and then we can browse. First we must go into the public_html directory and then create a new folder named audio. Do this by typing audio into the Create new folder box. Then click Create and Accept.

Now we can click Done.

Looking we can see the feed and our enclosure are selected to be published. Clicking on Publish uploads the files to our web server.

Once completed the status is displayed at the bottom. If there are any problems, clicking on View Log will display the whole publish log file and show more information about any errors.

When done click on Close, and you have just published your podcast or feed to the internet.

For more information and other tutorials check the help system the comes with FeedForAll Mac or the FeedForAll web site at