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Tutorial 3 - The power of FeedForAll Mac's "Preferences" system

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A tutorial on using FeedForAll Mac's preferences to save time by not having to type the same thing repetitively
* Set defaults for feed and item fields
* Set defaults in iTunes® feed and item fields
* Set iTunes® to be automatically added to all new feeds
* Add a second item to our podcast


The preferences in FeedForAll Mac are very powerful. This power comes from the time that can be saved by removing repetitive typing.

In preferences you are able to fill default values for almost all the fields in the base RSS 2.0 specifications, well supported namespace and user-defined namespaces.

The top section, “Current Feed”, contains the default values that will be used when a new item is created for the currently open feed. These values also have precedence over the values in the “All Feeds” section.

The “All Feeds” section contain the default values that are used when a new feed is created. This includes the fields on the “Feeds”, “Items” and “Image” tabs. It is also possible to set the defaults for any of the namespaces that are defined, so that if the namespace is used in a feed it will have default values.

Since I want the “Webmaster “, “Editor” and “Copyright” to have the same value on all feeds I create, I will fill in the default values that I want. I also want all newly created items to list me as the author so I will also fill that in. I also want to let FeedForAll Mac automatically generate a unique GUID so I don’t have to worry about that.

I will do the same for the iTunes® “Author”, “Owner Name” and “Owner Email” at the feed level and “Author” at the item level.

And since I want to create podcasts for the iTunes Music Store, I will add that to be in all newly created feeds.

Values in preferences only are used when creating a new feed or item. So before I create a second item for our feed I will fill in some of the fields on the “Optional” tab that are not required, but recommended.

Looking we can see the feed and our enclosure are selected to be published. Clicking on Publish uploads the files to our web server.

Now to add a second item to our podcast. Like before we need a title, description and link. But when we switch to the “Optional” tab to add the audio file to enclosures we see that the information that we added in “Preferences” is filled in for us.

For more information and other tutorials check the help system the comes with FeedForAll Mac or the FeedForAll web site at