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Tutorial 4 - Making your podcast ready for the iTunes® Music Store

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A tutorial on how to convert a standard podcast to be an iTunes® podcast. This information also applies to creating a podcast for iTunes® from scratch

* Add the iTunes® XML Namespace to the feed
* Fill in the iTunes® fields for the feed, including selecting a category
* Fill in the iTunes® information for the items including the duration of the episodes


You have created and published your podcast, but you want it listed on the iTunes Music Store (ITMS). To be able to have your podcast listed in the ITMS your podcast must include special information. Adding this information is easy with FeedForAll Mac.

Adding support for iTunes® is easy. Click on the "Extensions" tab. On that tab is a list of all of the XML Namespaces currently in use in the current feed. To add iTunes®, click on the "+" then select "itunes -" from the top of the list and click on "Accept".

Since in the last episode we set some default values for some of the iTunes® fields you are being asked if it is okay to update you existing items with these values. Click on "Yes" to update.

Next we need to fill in the missing information on the iTunes® tab. You can use a shortcut to copy the values from "Title" and "Description" into "Subtitle" and "Summary". Control-Click in "Subtitle" and select "Copy from Title". Do the same in "Summary" selecting "Copy from Description".

The ITMS allows you to select up to 3 categories for your feed. To add a category, click on the "+" under "Category". I am going to use use "Arts" and the subcategory of "Visual Arts". After selecting both of them, click "Accept".

The ITMS also allows you to enter no more then 12 comma separated keywords or phrases. These are used when people search within the ITMS.

The last field that we should fill in for our podcast is the iTunes® Image. The reason this is here is the ITMS wants an image that is larger then allowed by the RSS 2.0 specifications. The image must also be a JPEG or PNG image type.

Now that we have filled in the iTunes® information for the feed, we must do the same for our items. We will copy the "Title" and "Description" into the "Subtitle" and "Summary" the exact same way we did before and enter our keywords for this episode.

Lastly we need to fill in the "Duration". In the "Enclosure" section we filled in the size of the audio file in bytes. This is where you enter how long the episode will last in hours, minutes and seconds.

The last three things we need to do is save the feed, publish to our web server and then submit it for inclusion in the ITMS.

After publishing has finished, launch iTunes® and go to the "Music Store" From the left menu select "Podcasts". In the middle of the screen there is a large button "Submit Podcast". From there just read and follow the screen to submit your podcast. If you have questions, there is an FAQ at

For more information and other tutorials check the help system the comes with FeedForAll Mac or the FeedForAll web site at