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Tutorial 5 - Importing items from multiple other feeds into your feed

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A tutorial on how to use FeedForAll Mac's "Item Import" to easily copy items from other feeds into another feed.

* Import new items from feeds that have been used before
* Start importing items from a feed by drag-n-drop


If you are creating a feed with items from other feeds you have a couple of choices as how you do this. The first is copy from one feed to the other, but this is both awkward, time consuming and prone to error. The preferred way is to use the "Import Items" feature in FeedForAll Mac.

I have a feed which I have been importing items from two other feeds, with permissions from the owners to redistribute. These two feeds are and The last time any items were imported was on 9/20/06, five days before today.

The importance of this will now be shown. From the "Item" menu select "Import Items". This will open the "Import Items" window. Clicking on the "Open Recent" toolbar button. This will open a window with a list of feeds with the date that items where last imported from that feed.

Double clicking on will cause that feed to be opened and all items that have been added to the feed since the last import to be selected. This makes importing only the new items very easy. Clicking on "Import" will import the selected items into the current feed.

Doing the same with will add the new items from that feed also. When items are imported in this manner, will fill in the tags with the information of the feed that the item came from. This is usually required when republishing items from other feeds.

There is a third feed that I want to start importing items from into my feed. To do this I will open in Safari. Dragging the feed by the little icon into the list of items will bring up a dialog asking if you want to open the feed or import the items. The same happens if dragged into the list of feeds, but the default option is open feed instead.

Selecting "Import into this feed" will open the "Import Items" window. Since this feed has never been used as an import source before, none of the items will be auto selected. Select the first few items and "Import".

The "Mark by Date" button will all automatic marking of all items that are newer then the date selected.

The next time you try to import from any of these feeds all the new items will automatically be selected, makes keeping your feed up to date easy.

For more information and other tutorials check the help system the comes with FeedForAll Mac or the FeedForAll web site at