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Tutorial 6 - Importing items from a master feed into multiple other feeds

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A tutorial on how to use FeedForAll Mac's "Item Import" to easily copy items from a master feed into other feeds that are subsets of the master feed.

* Import new items from a master feed
* Create a new feed, and import some items from the master feed


In the previous tutorial I showed you how you can import items from multiple feeds into one feed. In this tutorial I will use the import feature to import items from a master feed into a feed that only has some of the items.

I have a feed with family news. It contains my most recent recipes, the latest news about the kids and what the pets have been up to recently. On my webpage with the pets pictures I want to have a feed with only the news about them.

I could maintain a separate feed about the pets. I could also create the feed for the pets and use import, like in the last tutorial, to add those items in to the main feed. But I will show you how you can use import to copy items from a master feed into separate feeds that contain only a portion of the items.

My master feed is “SecondImportTutorialFeed.xml”, and it has all of my current articles. I have created “A_feed_blog_about_my_pets.xml” as the feed I want to add my pet related items to.

First I must open “A_feed_blog_about_my_pets.xml”, since that is where I want to import the items into. Next, from the “Item” menu select “Import Items”.

On the “Import Items” window click on “Open”, since we will be opening a file on our computer instead of downloading from the internet. Select the “SecondImportTutorialFeed.xml” file.

Select the 4 stories related to the pets and click “Import”. Now those four items are in my feed about pets.

I will also quickly create a feed for just news about the kids. I will quickly fill in a title, description and link. Then, again, select “Import Items” from the “Item” menu. Open the “SecondImportTutorialFeed.xml” feed. Next import the two items about the kids and you are done.

For more information and other tutorials check the help system the comes with FeedForAll Mac or the FeedForAll web site at