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Tutorial 7 - Sorting feed items

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A tutorial on how to use FeedForAll Mac's "Sort" to easily sort the items in feed by different fields

* Import new items from feeds that have been used before
* Sort the items by title
* Sort the items by pubDate


In a previous tutorial episode, "Tutorial 5 - Importing items from multiple other feeds into your feed", we imported items from 2 feeds into our feed. When importing items in chunks like we did, it is likely that the items won't be in order with the newest at the top. The items in the feed can be rearranged easily by using FeedForAll Mac's sorting capability.

Before we start with sorting, we will import the most recent items from the two feeds we had previously used. Using the "Open Recent" toolbar item import all the newer items.

In the "Item" menu at the bottom is "Sort". The sort capability of FeedForAll Mac will allow all the items in a feed to be sorted by almost any of the RSS 2.0 item fields and fields of any of the fully supported XML namespaces. The fields can be sorted as alphabetic strings, dates or numbers.

We could sort based on the item's title. To do this select, "Sort" from the "Item" menu. Select "title" for Sort On. By default "title" has an "Alphabetic" Field Type. And the default Direction for the sort is "Ascending". Clicking on "Sort" will cause all the items to be sorted into alphabetic order.

While this makes it easy to find an item you know the title of, it is not very useful for a real feed. Since most feeds are published with the most recent items at the top. Before we sort by pubDate we will undo the sort based on title. Select "Undo Sort on <title>" from the "Edit" menu.

From the "Item" menu select "Sort", again. This time choose "pubDate" from the Sort On field. Since we want the newest date first choose "Descending" for the Direction and click on "Sort". Now the feed is sorted by pubDate.

Now the next time items are imported from the two other feeds, use the sort capability to keep the new feed in proper order.

For more information and other tutorials check that help system the comes with FeedForAll Mac or the FeedForAll web site at