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FeedForAll helps online webmasters communicate with website visitors.


RSS Feeds can be by webmasters to:

Forum Headlines
- Create an RSS feed to tell regulars about new forum posts.

Newsletters - Create feeds containing newsletter soundbytes and summaries.

Press Releases
- Make RSS feeds that contain press release summaries.

Job Postings
- Create an RSS feed about available positions with in organization.

Website Content
- Display RSS feeds to provide fresh website content.
Sample RSS Feeds:

Please Explain Adwords?

I've been all over the Google website but I just don't understand Adwords, can some help me?
Explain Adwords Forum Thread

Nov. 4 - Independent Voice

Developers investigate alternative payment options.
payment options
Software awards ceremony scheduled for L.A.
awards ceremony

Wireless Grant Helps Blood Center

Immediate Release
Sept. 14, 2004 -- SEATTLE, WA - Puget Sound Blood Center today announced that AT&T Wireless is providing a $25,000 grant to fund the deployment of an innovative program that will change the way the local blood supply is managed in emergency situations.
Blood Center Grant

Available P/T Jobs

Company: Coca-Cola
Job Title: Merchandiser
Time: Part-time
Date Posted: 24-Sep-04

Software to create, edit an publish RSS feeds:


Easily create, edit and publish rss feeds. RSS is the standard for content distribution and syndication. Law enforcement can create feeds to keep the public informed about safety issues.


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